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Dedicated to your community by helping small businesses grow

Direct Lenders Funding is proud to be a small business funding company that offers equipment leasing and other important small business funding solutions to ensure that both communities and small businesses flourish. Direct Lenders Funding has been a trusted provider for small business funding locally and nationally by offering a variety of business loans and business funding services. Our commitment to funding local businesses is as solid as gold because we have been tried and tested and we always end up giving businesses the best opportunity to grow with real working capital. As we continue to grow, we are proud to have become a leader amongst private lending and direct private lenders in the small business industry for the best options in business funding. Customers trust us, we trust them and everyone wins. If there is any possibility that we can help a business grow, we do everything in our power to make sure we offer the best business funding services possible.

A Leader in Business Funding

Direct Lenders Funding is a leader in business funding and direct lending but more specifically we are the ultimate partner for small business owners. Direct Lenders Funding started as a small team in Long Island, New York and quickly transitioned into a national team of hard working individuals seeking to approve business loans beyond the expected amount they would receive working anywhere or with anyone else. We have no secrets and we are as transparent as humanly possible so that we have a clear wave of communication with each and every business owner and then we can maximize all business loan potential. Our team members aren’t rushing to get you any type of loan but instead we take our time making sure we thoroughly evaluate each and every business funding application so that we can provide the maximum amount of funding for each business. Unlike most teams, our “family” consists of a group of individuals which are all leaders and all of which have the experience and knowledge that any business owner would want when looking to take advantage of working capital for their business. We look forward to answering questions and analyzing businesses to find the best business funding options.

We Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life

Direct Lenders Funding understands that your company has a vision and you need the working capital to make it happen. There is no doubt in our minds that we can’t get you the cash advance needed to take your business to the next level. Once you fill out the business funding application, we immediately begin crunching the numbers and fighting to get you the maximum amount of funding possible. We’ve helped thousands of business around the U.S. grow by taking the time to see what’s best for them as a business and an individual as a business owner. If there is a new project, service, hire or product we are always devoted to supporting your brand or companies future growth. Don’t hesitate to apply for business funding via our online funding application and prepare to be amazed at the opportunities in funding that we have for your business. Still not sure? Look at the reviews and testimonials from some of our customers below.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Direct Lenders Funding team specializes in listening, analyzing and understanding a businesses goals to find the best funding solution that aligns with the companies budget and time. We work across all types of industries from thousands of different customers. Each client has a purpose and different goals that make their company unique and we strive to come up with a solution that works best and fits the spectrum. Our team is very seasoned in business funding and as soon as we receive your application we can provide fast funding in as little as 24 hours.

Community Support and Business Experts

Direct Lenders Funding is a proud community leader in Long Island, New York and other local communities. We are devoted to providing all businesses around Long Island and the New York area with the best opportunities inn business funding. We are proud to be apart of such a hard working community and we are in it for the long run with all of our partners and customers.

Reviews & Testimonials

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June 18

I own a bakery and wanted to purchase

I own a bakery and wanted to purchase the store next to mine this way I can allow my customers to sit down and enjoy our tasty treats , I needed a small business loan to help me get the construction going on breaking the wall to expand and Direct Lenders Funding helped me . I can't thank them enough

Declan Secombe
June 17

If you are looking for quick

If you are looking for quick , easy and simple funding, Direct Lenders Funding is the place to go

Jamie Rice
June 16

A 5 start review isn't enough for

A 5 start review isn't enough for Direct Lenders Funding. They really saved my business in more ways than one. I am a landscaper and needed to replace equipment for a large job I was hired for. They got me the funds to purchase the equipment in time for me to get the job done

Matthew Pickering
June 15

Inquiring about a business loan can be

Inquiring about a business loan can be scary sometimes, well at least for me it was. They allowed me to do everything on the website and after 48 hours I knew how much I was approved for. It was an awesome experience

Ethan Murphy


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