Over the past decade, Direct Lenders Funding has built a foundation that gives businesses the resources they need to grow their company through working capital. Business owners can apply directly on our website and receive different offers in a matter of minutes giving them the ability to get funded as quickly and affordable as possible.

Currently Direct Lenders Funding is one of the leading national funding providers for small business loans we have helped thousands of business access millions of dollars in capital.


Small business owners are always thinking ahead and are dedicated to their companies success. Small businesses are the heart of communities and help the local areas prosper.

When small businesses are successful, they create new opportunities for local residents such as jobs and resources so that communities are well off. To us, if your business wins then we win too.

We’ve funded thousands of small businesses across the nation

From medical practitioners and truck drivers to retail stores and technology companies, we’ve funded thousands of businesses to help them grow.

A trusted leader in small business funding

Direct Lenders Funding is one of the most well known online small business funding providers and one of the best small business loan platforms available in the nation.

Our team is dedicated to finding small businesses the exact type of loan that suites their needs because each business is unique.

Direct Lenders Funding is devoted to building a diversified financial environment

An Inclusive and progressive attitude is the mentality that our team beholds. We strive to make our opportunities equal across the board in every community that we serve.

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June 18

I own a bakery and wanted to purchase

I own a bakery and wanted to purchase the store next to mine this way I can allow my customers to sit down and enjoy our tasty treats , I needed a small business loan to help me get the construction going on breaking the wall to expand and Direct Lenders Funding helped me . I can't thank them enough

Declan Secombe
June 17

If you are looking for quick

If you are looking for quick , easy and simple funding, Direct Lenders Funding is the place to go

Jamie Rice
June 16

A 5 start review isn't enough for

A 5 start review isn't enough for Direct Lenders Funding. They really saved my business in more ways than one. I am a landscaper and needed to replace equipment for a large job I was hired for. They got me the funds to purchase the equipment in time for me to get the job done

Matthew Pickering
June 15

Inquiring about a business loan can be

Inquiring about a business loan can be scary sometimes, well at least for me it was. They allowed me to do everything on the website and after 48 hours I knew how much I was approved for. It was an awesome experience

Ethan Murphy


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